Mangrove Kayaking

Kayaking is a fun activity which is done in Havelock that involves moving through water in a small water vessel. It allows the boat rider to sit face-forward and propelling ahead with alternating side-to-side paddle stroke. The Andaman Islands have been famous for its picturesque shorelines and unmatched greenery.

Mangroves forests in Havelock Island are among the densest you can find in the Andaman & Nicobar Islands. The shade of these forests and the lagoons flowing through them is one of the best places to kayak. The stream is mostly steady with sudden jumps of small currents and mild turnings. As you explore further you can feel the shade surrounding you from all sides and opening into a wide view of the sea after a while. An experience to look forward to.

Enjoy the up-close wonders of unexplored waters from cyan-colored crystal-clear lagoons to the wild green waters of dense mangrove forests, any kind of kayaking experience you have in mind can be enjoyed here. With the availability of night kayak trips and Biolumeniscence kayaking, you are sure to be exhilarated by choices.

Bioluminescence Night Kayaking

The Night kayaking visit is one of the mysteries of Port Blair and has been extremely famous among travelers. While scuba plunging and snorkeling are well-known undertakings here, you'll observe that kayaking through the mangroves gives you a completely unique encounter.

Bioluminescence is the secret behind the most mystic display of the Andaman Sea which can be explored only by kayaking at night and Port Blair is one of the to perform it. Your professional guide will outfit you with the proper training and make sure you're safe on the water, but at the same time you will be allowed to roam freely at your will. The Kayak during night kayaking can be shared by a couple which makes it more fun while giving you an optimal workout at the same time.

You will set out in single or twofold Kayaks to investigate the mangrove biological system of Port Blair, partaking in the harmony and the twittering of birds. The span of the outing is 01 hour and all through the visit, you will be directed by an expert kayak. An assortment of India's mangroves are found in the Andaman Islands, and you'll paddle through a segment of these.

Night Kayaking

Night Kayaking in Havelock Island is the best one can experience after the sunset. Be a solo traveler or group night Kayaking activity brings you memories that stays ever after. In addition to this you can experience bioluminescence if you are traveling in the winters the peak time for bioluminescence is from November to February.

During the kayak experience, we paddle till the mangrove forest at night. If you are coming during the winters then we take our kayaks to the shores where bioluminescence at Havelock can be seen properly. Witnessing bioluminescence is on luck and we cannot guarantee a show every time. Though we try our best to help you witness this natural phenomenon.

At most times, the night kayaking starts post-sunset when the tide is high in Havelock. The trip starts from Havelock Island jetty and you kayak all the way till the mangroves in Havelock Island.

Day Kayaking

The sheltered, calm waters of the mangroves are a perfect place to begin kayaking. Our guide takes you through the basics of paddling techniques on land and equips you with a life jacket before you begin. You can then move through the water on a single or two-person kayak as you get a swan’s eye view of the dense mangrove forest.

Havelock Island is simply the best place to kayak in the Andaman Islands, thanks to the wild forests and deep lagoons that adorn it. There are more than a few mangrove forests scattered throughout the Havelock‌ Island, but Kayaking is available only at Beach no.5. You can also opt to kayak through the sea, which is yet another decent experience to have here.

Listen to the chirping of the birds while you paddle through the stunning view of the tropical forests. Learn about the incredible adaptations of the plants, animals and fish that use this magical space at the cusp of land and water on this meditative guided kayaking tour.

Sunrise Kayaking

The sea reflects the changing colours of the sky. The sea and sky together put up a show you must not miss. Kayaking in havelock is an added experience to look at blue sky moon shadow in the seawater. There is a wide range of birds and marine species you can see while Kayaking in the Mangroves. Mangrove cuckoos, White ibis, brown pelican, and Red-tailed hawks are commonly sighted during kayaking.

Owing to the crystal clear waters much of that can be seen while sitting on the kayak and our expert guides cum storyteller presents you a complete illustration of words to entertain you with their polished knowledge. We arrange kayaking through mangroves during the day and we recommend you wear only white shorts and t-shirt and carry sun cream.

At the edge of the island where land meets the water, there is a treasure trove of life to be observed. Both marine and terrestrial life forms can be observed by nature lovers while kayaking around here.

Sunset Kayaking

The cool breeze of the ocean gives you a fresh feeling and refreshes your mind. On top of that, the sky presents various colors during sunset and some unique landscapes on the horizon. Who wants to miss out on these opportunities during holidays in the Andamans.

The hilly lands and crystal clear waters present beautiful landscapes and colorful schools of fish. You can only see them without getting wet while kayaking. Sunset kayaking is the best option to experience natural phenomenons. Sunset kayaking starts at 4 pm with a short briefing about how to paddle the kayak and how to handle unpredicted situations such as waves and currents.

Your instructor does insist you practice kayaking in the shallow waters before the actual trip. Our kayaking route starts from the Havelock ferry station. Your instructor leads the kayaking trip and shows you the mangroves closely while presenting a story about how important the mangrove ecosystem is for nature. Your instructor stops by the lighthouse so that you can enjoy the sunset at calm water.